All charter services have been suspended until further notice due to hurricane Irma. Kalina was badly damaged from this event. At this time it is unknown if she will return to service.

We thank you for all your support.

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Sail the Virgin Islands on Kalina

There is no better way to explore the delights of the Virgin Islands than from the water - aboard KALINA. The Virgin Islands offer deep blue seas and sheltered waters with minimal tidal currents. Kalina is a safe, comfortable Morgan Yacht designed for Caribbean charter sailing.  Year-round warm weather, consistent trade winds and line-of-sight sailing make it a sailor's paradise. 

Imagine yourself aboard Kalina sailing the tranquil turquoise waters while a colorful array of tropical fish dart around below the surface.  White sandy beaches and majestic palm trees line much of the coastline.  With crystal clear waters and picture-perfect beaches you'll find a total paradise including scenic anchorages and mooring areas.  The US Virgin Islands are an ideal sailing destination. 

On-board Kalina, you'll find an experienced sailing crew with extensive local island knowledge for the perfect sail, refreshing dip in warm serene waters, and exposure to the islands many charms.

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